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  • 1. Create A Project

    A Project represents a business or Brand. Once your Project has been set up you can then connect all of your Social Profiles that belong to that Project. 

    As we are in Early Access expect up to 24 Hours for us to approve your Account and set you up.

    Once approved you can then add Team members and Clients (Users) that will need access to your SocialDashboard.  

    Tip:  Use “Create Project” Button

  • 2. Add Team Members or Clients

    If you are collaborating and working in a Team give members access to Projects.  You can control access and priveleges.

    Tip:  Use “Settings” Tab and then select users

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  • 3. Connect Your Social Media Accounts To Your Project

    Time to add your Social Media Accounts to the Prohect.  Follow the “Add Account” link. Connect as many Social Profiles as you need depending on your Plan

    Tip: Please allow 24-48 hours for all Analytical Data to be captured

  • 4. Install our Chrome Browser Plugin

    Share great content to all of your Social Channels via your SocialDashboard account.

  • 5. Install the IPhone App

    Download the Iphone and Ipad App

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  • 6. Install Conversion Script

    Take your Digital Strategy and ROI a step further and install a small conversion script on your website. Find out which customers converted via your Social Media marketing

    Install Script

  • 7. Publish

    The real value of SocialDashboard is the Analytics. We capture insane information on how your Digital Footprint performs.

    Tip: To create a campaign click on “Publishing” tab

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  • 8. Set Up A Search Agent

    Monitor buzz around any keywords you like. Just create a new Search Agent, select options: keywords you want to track, social networks you would like us to search, strictness of search you would like us to apply

    Tip: To create an agent click on “Search Agent” tab

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  • 9. Get A Daily Digest

    At your disposal we can you send a daily email for every Project or Brand you have. Get a summary of everything that happened the day before

    Tip: Emails are enabled by default and will start arriving within 48 hours

  • 10. Export Data

    You probably take regular backups of your files and emails. Do you backup your Social Data? With SocialDashboard it is enabled right away.  All data that we download is available for you to export at any time. Just follow Export Data menu option.

    Tip: To download your social data click on “Export Data” menu in the top navigation

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  • 11. Schedule Reports

    We offer a number of presentation ready reports that you can run immediately or schedule to run on a periodic basis

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  • 12. Watch our Training Tutorial Videos

    There are several short training videos covering a wide range of topics you can find on our Blog and YouTube Channel

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